After tear down on Sunday night, Ben Mitchell, Eric Emens, Brian Glass, and I played…EXTREME BARREL O’ MONKEYS!!! We played on the concrete posts outside the CFC and whoever won, won the barrel of monkeys. We’ll let me tell you, if you think barrel of monkeys is easy, try playing the way we did, naw I’m just messing with you, but barrel of monkeys isn’t that easy anyways, at least I think. But to make a long story short…Eric Emens is the EXTREME BARREL O’ MONKEYS CHAMPION!!! He ROCKS and won the barrel of monkeys. I really wish I had a picture of Eric when he picked up the last monkey…it was “priceless.” Where were when I needed ya Pete?


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  1. Later that evening, we also played “Waiting For Our Food At Garfield’s Barrel O’ Monkeys”! The grease from the onion rings tends to interfere with my game, though.–>

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