Sleep? Whats that?

On Sunday I had a lot of fun, I stayed up for 37 hours streight. Now it may sound stupid (which it may be) but it actually was not that bad, it was actually kinda fun. I have never stayed up that long before and I actually did not start to get tired until about 10:00 am (25 hours into it) and at 8:00pm (35 hours into it) I was like completely dead. But it was still fun!

Stupid Test

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Well I got a 127 so ha!


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Ha Pete, my nerd score is higher than yours!!

Heres the link for the test:


Hey there! Hi just want to send a shoutout and give a big thanks and welcome to My Parents, Pete Bishop, Matt and Annette Armentrout, Curt Shoemaker, Chuck and Starla Fick, and everyone else that I didn’t mention for helping me and become a better person and giving me those, second and third and forth chances. THANK YOU!!!