Hey y’all

Hey there, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a few days (been a little busy with school) and I think that I have found the greatest stress realiver of all time…just hanging out with your friends and the people you love. Now I know that you are probably thinking, “Duh Kyle,” but see you get so cought up in your own little world and get stressed out and when your friends call you and ask if you wanna hang out for a few hours…you turn them down because your worried that this or that isn’t gonna get done. Well I am here to tell ya that you need to make time to just hang out, chat, chill, whatever you gotta do to “unwind.” Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t worry about important stuff (like homework or work) cause you need to get it done, but what I am saying is that you need stop every once and awhile and “Stop and smell the roses” or your just gonna burn yourself out…trust me, I’ve been there and its no fun at all. So today (oh its almost 12:30am so I guess it was yesterday technically) my friend (my “big brother”) Eric and my great and dear friend Ashley went out to the movies and just chilled out for a few hours, Lord knows that we all need to “Stop and smell the roses” for a little while! Hey, I think that this is my longest post yet…Heck Yes!


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