Tag! I’m it? What’s up with that?!?

Thanks Pete! I’ll get you back somehow, just messin’. I’ll just have to get other people!

Four Other Jobs I’ve Had:
Paperboy (yeah, I was)
Kitchen Services
(Only had two, sorry)

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
Animal House
The Blues Brothers
Napolion Dynamite (Ya Freakin’ idiot, GOSH!)
Shawshank Redemption

Four Places I’ve Lived:
Detriot, MI
Romulas, MI
Cedar Spring, MI
(only have three, sorry)

Four Shows I Like To Watch:
CSI (that seems to be popular doesn’t it?)
Austin City Limits
Ch.7 news(Detriot)(does the news count, and yes, even I watch the news most of the time)
If the news don’t count I really like M*A*S*H

Four Foods That I Like:
Tacos (mom’s or sunnyside cafe)
Pizza (pepperoini ,Pizza Hut)
Crab legs (heck yes!)

Four Sites I Visit Everyday:

Four Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
Get as many people into heaven as I possibly can
Take Peter’s job (had to make it sound funny)
(I can only think of two, anyways how can you top the first one?)

Four People I’m Tagging:
Scott Winstead
Kyle Mitchell
Ken Shafer
Wendy Bender


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