What, is it? Can it be?

Believe it or not…the WEEKEND IS HERE!!!


Hello wordpress, Goodbye blogger!

well this is my first post on wordpress, i was previously on blogger and after reading Brian Glass’s blog, I switched over too. The setup is taking awhile but I already like it.

Final Project!!!

Oh Yeah!!! It is time for the final project at school for my senior seminar class (May 22)…and that means that school is ALMOST OUT!!!!and let me tell ya that I cannot WAIT!!! There is about 40 days left so y’all just keep praying for not just me, but all of the seniors this year that we all graduate and move on and get the job that we really want, not something that we just have to ‘settle’ for. I really appreciate everything that y’all have done for me to get me through this year and that this marking period is going to be my best marking period this year (though that won’t be hard to beat seeming how the past three have been completely terrible)…well thank you guys and I’ll cya later.

That one book from band camp……

Well remember that book that I was telling you that book…”The NEXT Generation Leader” by Andy Stanley…well so for I am about 50 pages into it and I am LOVING IT! I have underlined a lot of great information that I want and need to put into practice and also spread what I learn from this book on to other people.

Sooo, tell me, “How can you be so retarded!”

So, this morning was a retarded morning. So start off, I go to Madison High School and my school doesn’t close if there is 20 feet of snow on the ground and school starts at 8:00am…so with that information I can now tell you my story about this morning. There was a tornado watch put in effect sometime this morning up until 11:00am, well my school delayed until 11:00am. Well I left the house at about five till eleven cause we were having lunch as soon as we got there so if I was late then I wouldn’t get marked tardy (anyways…) the sheriff department came on T.V. and said that the watch was renewed until 4:00pm, so I went on to school betting that they were gonna send us back home. Well no more then 5 mins after I had arrived at school I heard our Vice-Principal say that we were most likely going to be sent home at 1:00pm, well I go to Vo-Tech so I figured that they were going to go ahead and send the Vo-Tech students to Vo-Tech. Well right before my class was over the principal came on over the PA and said that everyone would be sent home at 1:00pm and the Vo-Tech students could leave right after class instead of go to Vo-Tech. Now I’m not complaing or anything…but I just wonder why we were sent home and no other school in the county was even delayed let alone cancelled! So that was my reterded morning.

This Weekend

This weekend was a pretty different weekend, I don’t really know why it felt so different, but it did…well let me just say what went on this weekend that made a different but cool weekend. First, Anthony Coppedge came up here on Friday, which when I heard that he was coming I was really excited, I couldn’t wait to meet him after hearing everything that Pete had said about him and reading his blog I just wanted to meet him. So Saturday night he came to set-up with the gang and I finally got to meet him (granted it was only like an introduction, but that just showed how he was just like one of the guys and was really friendly). Then we had a all team leaders/volunteers meeting after church Sunday and he talked and said how we were a really great church and that we were heading in the right direction and said how he was “stalking” people at chruch that morning checking out what people said about the chruch and how he watched first time guests to see if the could really figure out where to go, how they were treated, and what they thought about Crossroads. He said a lot of good things about the people at Crossroads and I, for one, am very proud and happy that I serve as a leader at such a great chruch.
Also something that I did this weekend is that I was up from 9:00am Friday until 11:00pm Sunday. Yes that was really retarded and stupid, but it was also very interesting…I found out that I can stay up for 62 hours with out any sleep. I just think that that is interesting and that I am not going to do that again for awhile………hey I think that this is my longest post yet!

New Project

So this morning (at like 1:00am) I finally finished my book, the “Winning With People” book that I posted about awhile ago, Yep finally finished! and I am going to start putting what I learned from that book into practice and see what happens. My new book is “The NEXT Generation Leader” by Andy Stanley (the pastor at NorthPoint). I have watched his video about the foyer to the kitchen and that was really good so I can’t wait to see what the book is like.