Sooo, tell me, “How can you be so retarded!”

So, this morning was a retarded morning. So start off, I go to Madison High School and my school doesn’t close if there is 20 feet of snow on the ground and school starts at 8:00am…so with that information I can now tell you my story about this morning. There was a tornado watch put in effect sometime this morning up until 11:00am, well my school delayed until 11:00am. Well I left the house at about five till eleven cause we were having lunch as soon as we got there so if I was late then I wouldn’t get marked tardy (anyways…) the sheriff department came on T.V. and said that the watch was renewed until 4:00pm, so I went on to school betting that they were gonna send us back home. Well no more then 5 mins after I had arrived at school I heard our Vice-Principal say that we were most likely going to be sent home at 1:00pm, well I go to Vo-Tech so I figured that they were going to go ahead and send the Vo-Tech students to Vo-Tech. Well right before my class was over the principal came on over the PA and said that everyone would be sent home at 1:00pm and the Vo-Tech students could leave right after class instead of go to Vo-Tech. Now I’m not complaing or anything…but I just wonder why we were sent home and no other school in the county was even delayed let alone cancelled! So that was my reterded morning.


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