This Weekend

This weekend was a pretty different weekend, I don’t really know why it felt so different, but it did…well let me just say what went on this weekend that made a different but cool weekend. First, Anthony Coppedge came up here on Friday, which when I heard that he was coming I was really excited, I couldn’t wait to meet him after hearing everything that Pete had said about him and reading his blog I just wanted to meet him. So Saturday night he came to set-up with the gang and I finally got to meet him (granted it was only like an introduction, but that just showed how he was just like one of the guys and was really friendly). Then we had a all team leaders/volunteers meeting after church Sunday and he talked and said how we were a really great church and that we were heading in the right direction and said how he was “stalking” people at chruch that morning checking out what people said about the chruch and how he watched first time guests to see if the could really figure out where to go, how they were treated, and what they thought about Crossroads. He said a lot of good things about the people at Crossroads and I, for one, am very proud and happy that I serve as a leader at such a great chruch.
Also something that I did this weekend is that I was up from 9:00am Friday until 11:00pm Sunday. Yes that was really retarded and stupid, but it was also very interesting…I found out that I can stay up for 62 hours with out any sleep. I just think that that is interesting and that I am not going to do that again for awhile………hey I think that this is my longest post yet!


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