I haven’t recieved any comments since March 3rd…wow, thats like a month and a half close to two months, sorry if it sounds like I’m complaining, its just that I like comments 🙂 Cya y’all later!


Easter at Crossroads

Well Easter at Crossroads was ROCKIN’! There were 2124 people at our three services and threre were 98 new registered kids at our children’s church. An estimate of 3301 people (including volunteers) were at the Egg Hunt. God was really working at Crossroads on Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt

Hey there, if you have kids from the ages of 2-10 you wanna check this out! Crossroads Community Church is putting on an easter egg hunt this Saturday…..but…..the really cool thing is that….du du dun….its at NIGHT! yes I said it, NIGHT! You use flashlights to find the eggs in the field, its at the Christian Family Centre and for more information you can go to this link… EASTER EGG HUNT CROSSROADS STYLE I hope I cya there!

Spring Break

Well spring break wasn’t that bad actually…I didn’t do a darn thing for school while I was on va-ca-tion…and now I am paying for it ’cause i have a paper due this flippen Monday! but I’ll get er dun…so there’s no need to worry, well I’ll cya y’all later!

Nine months and still goin’!

Two days ago was my blogs nine month anniversery! I can’t believe that I’m still goin’ (let alone my blog 🙂 )

Whats va-ca-tion?

So, I am on Spring Break (which is acutally not “Easter Vacation” this time becuase Easter isn’t until next week) and I have no clue what to do. I could work on school work…but come on, I’m on vacation…I do have stuff to do for church (which I’m not complaining, its just that everything is starting to be a lot of stuff) and plus my parents are going to have me doing a lot of stuff, so I really don’t feel like this is going to be a va-ca-tion, but at least its my last year!