What the flip!

AOL said I was a spammer and kicked me and my family offline and wouldn’t let us back on until I called them earlier today and they told me why they kicked us off. They said that I emailed like 200 people and said I was a spammer, well I don’t even know freakin’ 200 people! So after 2 weeks offline with no email (which I had 42 πŸ™‚ ) I am back and sorry if you were one of the 42 emails πŸ™‚ .



  1. your not a spammer just a big fat BUM

  2. a bum

  3. a bum ,.

  4. why dont you have me linked? ya bum

  5. Sorry Mike, I thought that I did have you on here.

  6. no ya dont
    ya bum

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