What do you mean noon?!?

Well for the Creative Team meeting this morning I showed up at 10:00 (becuase thats when I thought it started) well guess what?!?!? It didn’t start until NOON!!!! Yeah, I’m such a tard! Well at least I got some work done while I was there for those two hours.



  1. if you werent such a bum you would have known
    pay attention once in a while

    ya bum

  2. my name is kyle
    and im a retard
    i like to sniff bicycle seats
    i drive a old truck,its a piece of junk
    i think im pretty cool,but im real skinny and act like a fool
    i wear glasses that make my head look big
    i have a funny hair cut,looks like a bowl on my head
    i wear dress shoes
    with blue jeans
    if ya want kyle i can sing it to ya so you get the real emotions of the song

  3. Well Mike, I gotta say that is pretty good, but I have a question…should I wear my shirt up, or down, or possibly tucked in?!?

  4. im not sure what that means.but if yoyr dorkjr,then who is the senior?
    still ya bum

  5. dont get excited about all they views on your silly little blog,most if them are me and pete

    u r still a bum

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