What a night….

Well Monday night some of my girlfriends family was coming in from North Carolina. What a crazy bunch that was, let me tell ya! My girlfriends family is crazy anyways….but then again, who’s family isn’t really crazy at times. Oh just because your girlfriend tells you she wants you to come over becuase she wants to spend time with you, isn’t always 100% true. Ya see, she said that and actually she just wanted to get me with silly string, but here’s the kicker, 90% of what she sprayed actually went on her ’cause I got her to the ground and while she was holding the can, I held the button down and got it on her and only 10% of it got on me…which I happen to find kinda funny. 🙂 But they are all really good people and are all funny and weird (just like everyone else has their own funnyness and weirdness) and I guess all in all the night was pretty fun and I got to meet some of her family.


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