Zooing it

On Saturday, my girlfriend, her mom, her little brother, and her big brother and his girlfriend all went to the Toledo Zoo. Well her family has this running track record of cars just not working for them. And wouldn’t ya believe it, after stopping for breakfast and good ol’ Micky D’s, the car’s starter went out…who didn’t see that comeing. Good thing that Ronnie (her older brother), and his girlfriend had a car that they drove so Courtney and I went back to town and picked up another car and drove back to the MCD’s and we were on our way to the zoo. It was different being a passenger, but it was good to take a break from driving…just wish that I could do that more! But we got there and we looked through like the whole zoo and we had a lot of fun. We probably spent the most time looking at the Cheeteas. Ya see those are Courtney’s favorite animals and she didn’t wanna leave that spot…sooo, I just picked her up and moved her and then we were on our way again 🙂 But it was great being with Courtney and seeing all of the amimals. I know that I didn’t mention a lot of what happened cause I don’t want this post to be as long as my last one, cause that was a long post! Cya y’all later!


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