Whats that? Vacation you say? Really?

Hey guess what? I’m going on vacation, I haven’t really went anywhere for a vacation for a few years. Well we used to go down to Tennessee at least once a year, but then my Mamaw (thats ‘grandma’ for all ya yankees) passed away about three years ago and we haven’t been down there since her funeral. So it’s gonna be kinda cool, but I just don’t really wanna be away from Courtney for 4-5 days…I think that it’s gonna be really hard, but she told me that I will make it, so I will listen to her, lol. But all in all it should be pretty cool seeing all of the family again and just being in the good ol’ Tennessee mountains. Well that is all I have for now, I will cya whenever I get back or if I get a wireless signal. Bye!


Class 101

I just spent the past three days redoing and fixing our Class 101 PowerPoint (actually its called “Keynote” which is basically the Mac version of PowerPoint.) Starting out there were around 260 slides and when it was all said and done and finished, there were 273 slides…so thats like 13 new slides, not including all of the ones that I just had to fix, there were quite a few where I just had to add a few things or take out some things on that slide, some slides I just had to take out completely. But wow. It sounds simple, but that was a lot of looking and reading on the computer. Cya later!

Five months and going strong

Sunday, Courtney and I have been going out for five months! It’s amazing and I hope that we keep on going. It’s also a little funny becuase there were a lot of people from school who said that we wouldn’t last…and look where we are now!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

August 2nd was my blogs first birthday, but my computer has been acting a little wired the past few days so I wasn’t able to post anything. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY blog!!