Hello everyone, so you probably know that Myspace is becoming a pretty big thing. So everyone go to this Myspace Peter Bishop and become this persons friend.



I have 2,040 hits, oh yea! Who would’ve thought that a blog like mine would get 2,040 hits. It only took one year and a month but I broke 2,000 🙂 cya later!

Render, Print, Meetings, and sometimes….Blog

I feel for all you other techs. Cause ever since I really started working with Pete I didn’t really realize how much stuff it takes to keep the church going. All the rendering and media printing and meetings and phone calls and leadership building and all of that stuff. It can become a lot of work. But I gotta say that all in all it is a lot of fun and I really enjoy what I’m doing and glad to be helping Crossroads with what God has given the ability to do and what I enjoy doing.


Well got back from Tennessee Friday afternoon at about 1pm (after 8 hours of driving I was really glad to be home). It was cool going down there after not being down there for three years and being able to play with my Uncle Don (he plays guitar too) and just being able to see all of the family again and meeting new people. It was great and seeing all those beautiful mountains, it was just really cool.