Two Months

YEA!!!!!!!! Two months until my 19th birthday! December 15th!! So exciting. 🙂


El Seven-O

Last Friday (the 6th) was Courtney and I’s seven month “anniversery.” Just thought that I would let y’all know that we are doing great and are better then ever! Well I shall cya y’all later!

Family Force 5

Hey there, well last night (Sunday night) a group of us from church went to see Family Force 5. Man, let me tell ya, that was one ROCKIN’ show. It was more than a concert it was like a show and a concert in one, all the dancing and things on stage and even got one of the money that I printed up on stage. It was very sweet. I went out and bought they’re CD and found out that it is cheaper to see them and two other bands live than it is to by they’re CD 🙂 . But anyways, they are a very rockin’ group and I think that y’all should check them out.

Myspace Cont.

Hey, remember that Myspace site that I said to go to and add as a friend….Well thats Pete’s Myspace and he says that he is going to be the only guy on there with no friends. So I think that everybody should just “bombard” him with friend requests. 🙂