A new record for me and my blog!

Today I just broke my total views on my blog. It was 56 but today I hit 73. Heck yes!

Blog Stats — Dork Jr’s Blog

Total Views: 2,683

Best Day Ever: 73

Views today: 73

Posts: 87

Comments: 74

Tags: 15


Number Three Blender Creation

This is my third Blender creation, it is my best one so far (at least I think.) It is a thing of water droplets.

Number Two Blender Creation cont.

Here is a continuation of my Red Ice Cream. It now has a Stars background, ohhhh ahhhh 🙂

Number Two Blender Creation

This is my second (First actual project that I did) blender creation. Yes it is small but I haven’t been using blender for too long and I think I did pretty good with my red ice cream.

My First Blender Project (a.k.a. “Funky Monkey”)

This is my first Blender thing, yes it is sad but it took me at least an hour to figure out how to select an object. I think I’m gonna need some help from Mike and Brian 🙂