Easter @ Crossroads

What an awesome Easter weekend we had. There were 1,928 total people in attendance for all four services. There were a total of 410 kids in attendance for Kid Crossing. There were 53 new first time registered guests who filled out a communication card and there were 28 commitments to Christ. That is sooo awesome. Serving God and seeing life change is amazing.


Easter at Crossroads

So we kicked off our Easter expericance with a bang and ended with one too. Our services were based on the show “Mythbusters.” Scott talked about the resurrection and how Jesus’ body cannot be inside his tomb. You should definatly listen to the message, just go to our site. (Crossroads Church) It was defiantly a very good message.

I broke…

…4,000 hits on my blog!!! 4,087 to be exact. I think I’m getting a little popular in the blog world. I think I am officially a true BLOGGER. Oh yea, thats right.

Wireless rocks

So last week I got a wireless keyboard for my iMac. IT IS SWEETTTTTT! I love my wireless keyboard. Even though it doesn’t have the two USB ports like the wired keyboards, it still rocks. Now to just get a wireless mouse…….


On Monday night, Courtney and I went out for her 19th birthday. First we went out to eat, we went and had chinese downtown at the Lotas Place (that place ROCKS!!!). The second thing that we did was we went to the movies. We went and seen TMNT. It was pretty good, the animation was pretty good too. We both liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as kids and who don’t still like them? How can you not like them? All in all its a good movie. Next week we are going to watch the first three original movies 🙂

Easter Egg Hunt

Well last night we kicked off our Easter weekend expericance with our annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. It was ohhh about 20 degrees outside and snowed on and off a lot of the night. But that didn’t stop people from coming. Registration started at 7:00pm but people started showing up and getting in line around 6:30. Kids were already going to their stations at 7:05! Then at exactly 8:00pm the siren sounded and all the kids ran under the ropes and grabbed as many eggs as they possibly could and it was all done by 8:02. The count was 1172 people and counting the volunteers there were probably over 1300 people. Not bad for being 20 degrees out. It was amazing!!