Memorial Day

What a fun day I had today. Today, my family and Courtney went up to the lake. My Dad and I were helping a friend of ours, Randy, put a dock in at his Dad’s house. It only took about an hour or so. Then after we put the dock on Courtney and I went and sat at the end of the dock. I said I wouldn’t throw her in, but what fun would that be :). So of course, I threw her in. She tried to pull me in twice but she just fell back in both times. Then I went in after her and we were playing around. Then we went and ate and just sat at the picnic table for awhile and then we left around 6:00ish. Then after we got back to my house, we watched Caddyshack. So, it was a fun day. Hope you had a great day to.


Dream Room

I bet all the techs wish they had a setup like this…

Dream Room


Last week I finished two books. One was “Sex God,” by Rob Bell from Mars Hill. The other book was “Chazown,” by Craig Groeschel from They were both amazing books. Personally I really liked “Sex God.” It really helps with relationships, especially if you are married or if you are in a serious dating relationship. Chazown is a book that helps you focus on three things. Your Core Values, your Spiritual Gifts, and your Past Experiances. What happens is, when you put those three things together, in the middle of them is your Chazown. (Chazown, pronounced khaw-ZONE. From the Hebrew, meaning a dream, revelation, or vision.) The are both a must read.

and God said, let there be…dark??? What?!?

At 8:28 the Christian Family Centre, where we (Crossroads Community Church) hold our worship experiances, went black. The power went out, two minutes before our first service started. Yes, started. The power was out but God wasn’t. Our members and staff came together like never before (litterly, because as far as I can remember the power has never been out on a Sunday while we have been at the Centre). But just becuase there was no electrcity, that means…how do you have your music? Well that was no problem for our band. Our drummer, Todd, grabed his snare drum and the guitar player, Ben, grabbed his acoustic guitar, and Eric and Laura (with no mics) sang out to the congragation…and it was the best worship experiance I have ever had. Then Scott, the Senior Pastor, just talked. Just talked from his heart. He didn’t do his prepared message, just talked. And it was one of the best things that I have heard Scott talk about. That was first service, we still have two more to go. So the question becomes…Now what do we do for second service? Well that wasn’t a problem for our Ushers. They said, well we’ll just put chairs in the Grand Lobby and have the service in there where there is windows so its easier to see. Because in the auditorium (where first service was held) there was only the emergency flood lights that were on and they only last about an hour, which by the time second service was supposed to start would have been about an hour, so they moved to the Grand Lobby. The lobby was packed full of people. People sitting, standing…worshiping. Worshiping the God that is bigger than a power outage. For being a tech guy it showed me something. God doesn’t need all of the techincal stuff (sound, lights, graphics, etc.) to spread the word. Sometimes, thats exactly what people need, to get away from all the tech stuff and just slow down, do something a little out of the ordinary. The experiance was amazing. The power did come on in time for our third service. It came on about 10:30, which third service starts at 11:30. I was kinda hoping that it would stay off so everyone could see what I seen. I love my church!