Memorial Day

What a fun day I had today. Today, my family and Courtney went up to the lake. My Dad and I were helping a friend of ours, Randy, put a dock in at his Dad’s house. It only took about an hour or so. Then after we put the dock on Courtney and I went and sat at the end of the dock. I said I wouldn’t throw her in, but what fun would that be :). So of course, I threw her in. She tried to pull me in twice but she just fell back in both times. Then I went in after her and we were playing around. Then we went and ate and just sat at the picnic table for awhile and then we left around 6:00ish. Then after we got back to my house, we watched Caddyshack. So, it was a fun day. Hope you had a great day to.


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  1. Sounds cool Kyle

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