Blog Transfer

See, told ya it was exactly the same 🙂


Rock Band

Courtney and I pre-ordered Rock Band a couple weeks ago and I picked it up Tuesday. It is a lot better than Guitar Hero III. You also get Fenders, come on they are the best! Courtney her brother and I have been playing it pretty much like non-stop. Well thats exaggerating but we have played it quite a bit. So it is a definite must if you are a Guitar Hero fan.


Well again with the questions, this one is a good one though. If there is Christmas Eve and New Years Eve than why is there not a Thanksgiving Eve? Or even a Halloween Eve?

Courtney and I

Well Courtney and I have been pretty quiet about this for about a month. And I think that it is finally time to let everyone know…she said yes. Yep, we are engaged and excited. We haven’t really “set a date” but we do have a few in mind.

Again with another question

So I came up with another question…if you pass with flying colors, what do you fail with? The answer I came up with would be white, because white is the absence of color and black is everycolor, so if you pass with flying colors you can’t fail with black because its a color. Anybody?

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Let’s all eat some good ol’ turkey!


So last night was the first time that I have ever been to a laundromat. You see, at my girlfriends house we have a “living room” upstairs (It is really just where we have her computer, a T.V, and all the game systems, including the 360 Elite (heck yea) and a couch) Well the cat that we have (which stays in the room) decided to leave a present on our couch. On the couch we had a comforter and a piece of foam (the stuff you put on the bed) because the actual foam for the couch had pretty muchly fallen apart. So Courtney and I took the comforter and the foam to the laundromat because they wouldn’t fit in anyone’s washer/dryer. There are a few things I learned while at the laundromat:
1) It can be kinda expensive (especially if you go there every week) ($4.75 for a wash in the “50 lbs. washers” but only $0.25 for 6 mins in the dryer)
2) It can take a long time
3) It gets pretty boring
So with that, I hope that I don’t have to make many trips to the laundromat.