So last night was the first time that I have ever been to a laundromat. You see, at my girlfriends house we have a “living room” upstairs (It is really just where we have her computer, a T.V, and all the game systems, including the 360 Elite (heck yea) and a couch) Well the cat that we have (which stays in the room) decided to leave a present on our couch. On the couch we had a comforter and a piece of foam (the stuff you put on the bed) because the actual foam for the couch had pretty muchly fallen apart. So Courtney and I took the comforter and the foam to the laundromat because they wouldn’t fit in anyone’s washer/dryer. There are a few things I learned while at the laundromat:
1) It can be kinda expensive (especially if you go there every week) ($4.75 for a wash in the “50 lbs. washers” but only $0.25 for 6 mins in the dryer)
2) It can take a long time
3) It gets pretty boring
So with that, I hope that I don’t have to make many trips to the laundromat.


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  1. Dude I think I have to I I wish i could

    Our dryer in our house does not work its not very cool.

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