No more need for surgery

Well people, there is no more need for surgery. Because the world now has the “MINI GENDER CHANGER.” No joke! Here is a pic to prove it!!!
Mini Gender Changer
(Disclaimer: I am not saying that getting the actually surgery is right either, but this sure is funny)


Family Force 5

So a group of us went to see Family Force 5 Friday night in Spring Arbor, MI for the Heart Support Tour. The opener bands were: This Beautiful Republic, Spoken, and Falling Up. The show was amazing! The sound not so amazing, it was in a gymnasium…so that makes the sound not so great…but it was still sweet. We missed This Beautiful Republic but seen the rest. Spoken had a good show and Falling Up was ok. But of course Family Force 5 had the sweetest show that I have ever seen. With Soul Glo rockin’ the mic in his sweet Hulk fist’s, Fatty rockin’ his bass spinin’ and swingin’ it all around, Crouton slamin’ on the drums, Chapstick jamin’ on his guitar, and NaDaddy playin’ around with all his science. It was just sweet! I wish I had some pic’s (I know that Pete took some, maybe he will post something soon). I highly recommend seeing them, buying their CD, just listen to them, you won’t regret it.