Well we got up and left the house about 9am and got to Muskegon about 12:30. We stopped and looked at Dad’s plant on the way up here (in Lansing). Here are some pics of the day…Pics


Hello blog its been awhile, my name is Kyle…what’s yours again?

Well my blog has been empty with posts while my Twitter has been post after post. Twitter has taken over my life!! Well my blog life. As Pete says, “Twitter is like email on crack.” and ohh how it is. It’s really cool though, I never thought that I would get into it but I have 202 updates (posts). One of the things that would be cooler if they let you use more than 140 characters for your updates. Maybe like 300 characters. You can follow me here…DorkJr

Man’s Day at Crossroads

Today is Man’s Day Crossroads and it has been amazing. The band put some old school twists on “Come Now Is The Time To Worship” and “Blessed Be Your Name” which was of course amazing and awesome! Then the Bucketboys came out and rocked out. Then the Bucketboys came down Kid Crossing and picked some volunteers and just really interacted with the kids really well. It’s just been an amazing day.


I am twittering!! You can following me, my thing is DorkJr.

Gearfest ’08

Yesterday morning a group of us went to Sweetwater for Gearfest (Gearfest is to sound and music people like Auto Show is to car people). It was sweet. I played with like about a hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff (guitars, soundboards, drums, etc.) I met my Salesman for the second time and I met Anthony Coppedge for the second time as well. It was really just a cool morning.


I was gonna post something Thursday but…I got to ride in my first airplane on Thursday. A bunch of the video guys in Lenewee County helped out with Free 2 Play (check out the link to learn about). The kids were at Adrian College’s football field and they wanted a fly over. Well I had to take Jason to the airport because he was going up in the plane to shoot, so I hadn’t been in a plane before so I decided to go for it. The pilot let Jay take off and land, which was cool. The only scary part was the landing because the pilot kept telling Jay to just keep pushing the yoke forward and it looked like we were gonna crash right into the runway, but I guess the pilot knew what he was doing because we landed perfectly, no bounce just the tires hitting the runway and gradually slowing down. It was sweet.