Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.

Well, after thinking of the title of my “come back post” I am kinda in an awestruck moment. Looking up the lyrics to “Comfortably Numb” just thinking, “How many times to we get Comfortably Numb?” It’s kinda funny, we get into the mundane, day after day, stuff that we have to go through, and at the end of the day…are we living for the right reasons? I’m really not even sure what to say at the moment. So…

I can tell you that I was gonna say, “Well I am still here, I just kinda forgot about the whole blog. It actually turned 4 this month. I think I wanna get back into this blogging world again. I miss it. But does anyone really blog anymore? Or is it just all Facebook and Twitter? I’m more of a Twitterer then a Facebooker myself but thats besides the point, lol. If anyone still reads my blog (Seeming how I’ve been gone since 12/10/08) give me a comment. Let me know what you think or what you prefer. Are you a blogger? Facebooker? or Twitterer?” That’s what I was gonna say (which I guess I still said it, but you know what I mean).

Kinda just thinking…which I don’t know if that’s a good thing, lol. You guys just seen (well while reading this) God open up my eyes. I think I have become “Comfortably Numb” and its not enjoying or fulfilling at all. Have you become “Comfortably Numb?” Whether it be at your job, your relationship with your friend(s), your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, your volunteering at your church, your relationship with God…I think we need to go through our day to day routine and see what we have become “Comfortably Numb” to. What have you gotten so used to doing everyday that you just do it without thinking? Now taking out the trash when it is full is one thing, doing the dishes is one thing, those you most likely do without thinking. BUT, saying I love you to your loved one, praying to God, asking your friend(s) how they’re day went…now those are things that we need to go back and become UNcomfortably Numb with, we shouldn’t feel like we have to do those things, we need to feel like we WANT TO do those things because we care and love. So, shall we work to become UN-numb? Well all I got left to say is Wow. I just gotta say Thank You God for letting me see you and opening my eyes and you defiantly do work in mysterious ways, I mean Pink Floyd? lol



Last week I finished two books. One was “Sex God,” by Rob Bell from Mars Hill. The other book was “Chazown,” by Craig Groeschel from LifeChurch.tv. They were both amazing books. Personally I really liked “Sex God.” It really helps with relationships, especially if you are married or if you are in a serious dating relationship. Chazown is a book that helps you focus on three things. Your Core Values, your Spiritual Gifts, and your Past Experiances. What happens is, when you put those three things together, in the middle of them is your Chazown. (Chazown, pronounced khaw-ZONE. From the Hebrew, meaning a dream, revelation, or vision.) The are both a must read.

Been a long time…

WOW, it has been almost a month since I posted anything. Well to catch y’all up…Passion ’07 was AMAZING!!! It was the best thing that I have ever went to. The speakers were amazing and so was the worship. I can’t really put into words how amazing it was. The sad thing is there isn’t going to be a Passion ’08…but…the good thing is, they are going to have MORE THAN ONE thing around the world. So they are going to have a “Mini Passion’s” all across the United States and supposedly around the world. So I can’t wait to go to that next year. Well that’s all for now, I’ll try to post more 🙂 CYA!

Passion ‘07 Confrence in Atlanta

Just as a heads up and a prayer request, I am going to Atlanta to the Passion ’07 confrence and will be gone from December 31st (as soon as we get done tearing down) until January 4th/5th. So if you could pray for me and the rest that are going that would be great!!! Cya when I get back 🙂

Render, Print, Meetings, and sometimes….Blog

I feel for all you other techs. Cause ever since I really started working with Pete I didn’t really realize how much stuff it takes to keep the church going. All the rendering and media printing and meetings and phone calls and leadership building and all of that stuff. It can become a lot of work. But I gotta say that all in all it is a lot of fun and I really enjoy what I’m doing and glad to be helping Crossroads with what God has given the ability to do and what I enjoy doing.


Well this past week I have been a little stressed from some things and this weekend helped me a lot. On Friday a few of us went to see Rob Bell, who was in Detriot at a little theater inside the “Hockeytown Cafe” that was called “The City”. The group of ten was: Pete and Barb, Marc and Tina, Matt and Annette, Kevin and Laura, Dad and I. Rob Bell was great!! I have watched a lot of his “NOOMA” videos, but seeing him in person was awesome and I am glad that I had to opportunity to go. Well I hadn’t been up to Detriot for a few years and I was fine until we started walking around downtown Detriot at like 10:00pm. We decided to eat at Greektown. Which wasn’t too bad seeming how we road the “People Mover.” Now that wasn’t that bad. **But before I go on with my story, I gotta say something funny that happened on the “People Mover.” Well there was this one family that was getting on (after we had already been on for a little while) and it was a group of like 6-10 people in the family. Well you could tell that they were not from Detriot, cause they all lined up like single file to get in ONE DOOR!!! NOW COME ON!! YOU CAN’T GET IN ONE DOOR ON THE “People Mover” WITH LIKE 10 PEOPLE!! HECK EVEN I KNEW THAT!!! Well like half of that family got on the “People Mover” and the rest were left to fend for themselves basically they were left behind 🙂 hey! remember the “aftershave face” from Home Alone?? Well the boy looked at his father then looked out the door with that face saying, “Umm Dad…now what do we do??” And let me tell ya, it was very funny from my point of view. Okay, back to my story** Well we got off the “People Mover” and headed to a place to eat. Well I am not one for crowds, especially ESPECIALLY, in Detriot! After we got done eating and started to go back to the “People Mover,” there were people EVERYWHERE!! Then this one guy came up to us and handed us a pamphlet (yes a “Let Jesus Chirst be Your Lord & Savior one) but I looked through it and I am amazed at the information that is in it and the accuracy of the info…I digress…but that still wasn’t too bad, cause ya just take it and walk away. Well after we got on the “People Mover” and got back off at our “stop” we hadn’t been off for like 5 seconds and some guy came up to us asking for 60 cents so he could buy a pop. Then not to long after that we had to walk past some club/concert thingy that was going on and we had to walk past a lot (about 5 or so) drunk guys, which I didn’t really like either. There was this one guy on the phone talking to someone, swearing and all of that, it wasn’t the best needless to say. But after that we got back to our cars in the parking garage and Kevin had a hard time getting out of the parking garage (which was funny). But it all in all it was great night and I am glad that I got to go.

WOW what an amazing week it was!

Well I really started working with Pete this week and it was really fun. I had a few firsts this week too. I made my first large print poster (with help from Pete) and it turned out really cool (at least I think anyways :)) Also I was over the K-5 and Pre-K areas today and I was even able to go to 2nd service which was great! This was the second time that my girlfriend came and I think she really liked it. Well thats all I really got to say, I’ll cya y’all later! ((Oh yeah, sorry I haven’t had anything for you to comment on MIKE LUCE!!!!))