I’m sorry

Hello blog world. I have missed you. I kinda ditched ya for a few months, so sorry about that. It’s kinda been a rough/awesome/learning/difficult/great couple of months. Some of the rough/awesome/learning/difficult/great moments are: I became our XLR8 (youth) Technical Director, my car threw a rod a week ago and can’t find an engine to put in it, Courtney’s phone has been being really temperamental and it finally stopped working the other day, Courtney and I started our Marriage Mentorship course, Courtney and I pushed the wedding date from March to possibly September (still discussing that, may be later), Courtney got promoted at work, Courtney and I started going to an awesome small group, the graphics card in our Xbox 360 got toasted, there is probably a bunch more stuff that I’m not thinking about. Ahhhh, it felt good to blog again. Hopefully I see you all soon (instead of 2 months later).


This is absolutely crazy!

Courtney, Donnie (her brother, which I believe is 15) and I went out Thursday night to get Chinese and we got our drinks, two Cokes and a water (for me). Well Thursday had been five weeks so I was like, I want a drink, so I took Courtney’s Coke and to my surprise…I can’t believe I am going to say this…I didn’t like it. It tasted really weird and it kinda burned my throat a little. I never thought I would say, “Coke? Naw, I’ll take a water though, thanks!” and I did, but never in a million years would I say, “Ehh! Coke?!? I’ll take water, thanks!” What is the world coming too?!?


Courtney turns 20!!!! Happy Birthday Courtney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two Years

Thursday will be Courtney and I’s two year anniversary (of dating). I can’t believe that it’s been this long. Two years, wow. So I’m not quite sure of what we are going to do yet, but I’ll think of something.

Courtney and I

Well Courtney and I have been pretty quiet about this for about a month. And I think that it is finally time to let everyone know…she said yes. Yep, we are engaged and excited. We haven’t really “set a date” but we do have a few in mind.


On Monday night, Courtney and I went out for her 19th birthday. First we went out to eat, we went and had chinese downtown at the Lotas Place (that place ROCKS!!!). The second thing that we did was we went to the movies. We went and seen TMNT. It was pretty good, the animation was pretty good too. We both liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as kids and who don’t still like them? How can you not like them? All in all its a good movie. Next week we are going to watch the first three original movies 🙂

One year anniversery

Tomarrow is Courtney and I’s one year anniversery. It is so amazing that we have been together for a whole year. I really don’t know what to say cause I am kinda at a loss for words…it’s just really cool and can’t believe that I have been with such an amazing, smart, beautiful, funny, loving, and careing girl for a year.