I just realized!

My blog turned 3 last month. Happy 3rd birthday blog!


I’m sorry

Hello blog world. I have missed you. I kinda ditched ya for a few months, so sorry about that. It’s kinda been a rough/awesome/learning/difficult/great couple of months. Some of the rough/awesome/learning/difficult/great moments are: I became our XLR8 (youth) Technical Director, my car threw a rod a week ago and can’t find an engine to put in it, Courtney’s phone has been being really temperamental and it finally stopped working the other day, Courtney and I started our Marriage Mentorship course, Courtney and I pushed the wedding date from March to possibly September (still discussing that, may be later), Courtney got promoted at work, Courtney and I started going to an awesome small group, the graphics card in our Xbox 360 got toasted, there is probably a bunch more stuff that I’m not thinking about. Ahhhh, it felt good to blog again. Hopefully I see you all soon (instead of 2 months later).


I’m such a tard. I’ve been trying to get in my blog for awhile, but couldn’t remember my dumb password. But I’m still here, I didn’t die. Catch y’all later.

I’m still here

Well yesterday my 12 year old sister, Kaitlynn, said, “You don’t blog anymore, you haven’t done anything since the 4th!” So this is out to her. Here I am.


I was gonna post something Thursday but…I got to ride in my first airplane on Thursday. A bunch of the video guys in Lenewee County helped out with Free 2 Play (check out the link to learn about). The kids were at Adrian College’s football field and they wanted a fly over. Well I had to take Jason to the airport because he was going up in the plane to shoot, so I hadn’t been in a plane before so I decided to go for it. The pilot let Jay take off and land, which was cool. The only scary part was the landing because the pilot kept telling Jay to just keep pushing the yoke forward and it looked like we were gonna crash right into the runway, but I guess the pilot knew what he was doing because we landed perfectly, no bounce just the tires hitting the runway and gradually slowing down. It was sweet.

Animal Crackers

While Courtney and I were eating some Animal Cracker’s before church this morning I realized something on the crackers…they have little holes in them, one in the head (as to be an eye) and one in the gut. Here’s a pic,

So my question is, why is there a hole in its gut? Is that where they shot the animal cracker? It’s a mystery…

Three weeks down

Today marks three weeks since I haven’t had a pop. I am debating weather or not I can drink one when we go out to eat or something now, cause I know that I can do it so just one or two a week would be ok, so I don’t know yet…do you think I should have one or two a week? or do you think that I will fall back into my habit of 5+ a day if I start with one or two a week?