Where has DorkJr been?

Well I have been right here the whole time! Just haven’t been blogging lately. So just wanted to say, here I am!


The Dark Knight…revisited

As said in my previous post, “…I am 99.99999% sure it didn’t swear at all…” I have been shown that it does. Which makes me think, have we became so subjected to swearing that we have just become completely oblivious to it that we don’t hear it anymore, its like a second language? Here is what the site said about the swearing, “Characters abuse Jesus’ name three times, God’s name a half-dozen times (once, pairing it with “d–n”). They lob a handful of other curses, including “h—” and “a–.” Now it says, “…lob a handful of other curses…” but I think I would’ve noticed a lob of swear words, so I don’t think that there was that many, but there could’ve been. I would love comments!


I went one week with a pop a day! Only 7 pops for a whole week! Maybe, just maybe I shall try for 5 pops this week!

Come to find out…

…it’s not that hard to break a bad habit. I have only had one pop a day since Tuesday (so thats 1 Tuesday, 1 Wednesday, 1 Thursday, 1 Friday, 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday) If it wasn’t for Courtney though I don’t think that I would be able to do it, she has helpped me A LOT!! and I mean A LOT!!! I almost went all day Saturday without a pop but I had to have a Dr. Pepper (I hadn’t had one in over a week! and I love my Dr. Pepper!!) Maybe I will try none this week…we shall see…..

Pop is addicting…

So because of Pete and his post, I have decided to do one pop a day. So far I have went 2 days with only one pop and going for 3 today. Between Sunday and Monday I had like 7-8 pops so I messed those 2 days up 🙂 but I am doing pretty good so far and sooner or later will go to none…but this is really really hard by just haveing one a day. I don’t know how Pete just quit, I tried and had like 5 in one day 🙂 So by Sunday I will be going crazy and wanting a freakin’ pop!

Hey y’all

Hey there, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a few days (been a little busy with school) and I think that I have found the greatest stress realiver of all time…just hanging out with your friends and the people you love. Now I know that you are probably thinking, “Duh Kyle,” but see you get so cought up in your own little world and get stressed out and when your friends call you and ask if you wanna hang out for a few hours…you turn them down because your worried that this or that isn’t gonna get done. Well I am here to tell ya that you need to make time to just hang out, chat, chill, whatever you gotta do to “unwind.” Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t worry about important stuff (like homework or work) cause you need to get it done, but what I am saying is that you need stop every once and awhile and “Stop and smell the roses” or your just gonna burn yourself out…trust me, I’ve been there and its no fun at all. So today (oh its almost 12:30am so I guess it was yesterday technically) my friend (my “big brother”) Eric and my great and dear friend Ashley went out to the movies and just chilled out for a few hours, Lord knows that we all need to “Stop and smell the roses” for a little while! Hey, I think that this is my longest post yet…Heck Yes!


Today Pete Bishop put me “in charge” so to speak of a Kid Crossing workshop because he is in Dallas. I still can’t really believe that I am here right now (maybe its just because I’m tired) and that nothing major has gone wrong. There was only one problem this morning with the computers but with the help from my friend Eric Clark, we were able to get through the problem and now everything is running smoothly (well at least at the moment, and hopefully it will stay this way). Even though it isn’t a really “big” type of event, I have to admit that I was (and still am a little bit) nervous about this morning, but I think that if Pete let me do it than I think that I can do it so I just wanna say thank you to Pete for giving me the oppertunity to learn and grow this morning and I can’t wait to see you when you come back…and Anthony, I do exist!