I’m sorry

Hello blog world. I have missed you. I kinda ditched ya for a few months, so sorry about that. It’s kinda been a rough/awesome/learning/difficult/great couple of months. Some of the rough/awesome/learning/difficult/great moments are: I became our XLR8 (youth) Technical Director, my car threw a rod a week ago and can’t find an engine to put in it, Courtney’s phone has been being really temperamental and it finally stopped working the other day, Courtney and I started our Marriage Mentorship course, Courtney and I pushed the wedding date from March to possibly September (still discussing that, may be later), Courtney got promoted at work, Courtney and I started going to an awesome small group, the graphics card in our Xbox 360 got toasted, there is probably a bunch more stuff that I’m not thinking about. Ahhhh, it felt good to blog again. Hopefully I see you all soon (instead of 2 months later).


Rock Band

Courtney and I pre-ordered Rock Band a couple weeks ago and I picked it up Tuesday. It is a lot better than Guitar Hero III. You also get Fenders, come on they are the best! Courtney her brother and I have been playing it pretty much like non-stop. Well thats exaggerating but we have played it quite a bit. So it is a definite must if you are a Guitar Hero fan.

Halo 3

Well Halo 3 has officially been out for a week. I haven’t blogged cause I have been a little addicted to it :). I beat it the first day it came out in exactly 6.5 hours. I played it as soon as I got it. It is amazing. The graphics, the story, everything is just awesome! It is defiantly the best game I have ever played. The ending though is completely open to a Halo 4 or at least another game with the Master Chief-Spartan 117. The possibilities for another Halo 4 though are endless, just think…They thought the Flood was destroyed, but one Flood survived on an asteroid and that asteroid hits Earth and the Earth is infected with the Flood once again…Or…the missing Halo…the possibilities are there. As a Halo gamer if they didn’t plan on bringing the Master Chief back somehow I would’ve liked to have seen him die. Would’ve been a nice way to end the “trilogy.” Here is my Halo 3 Service Record. I am only a Corporal at the moment.