New Video

My latest video is up on YouTube. It is a Man on the Street for XLR8 (our youth group) interview asking people about love and how Christians do at loving people. Here’s the link: Man on the Street


The Dark Knight…revisited

As said in my previous post, “…I am 99.99999% sure it didn’t swear at all…” I have been shown that it does. Which makes me think, have we became so subjected to swearing that we have just become completely oblivious to it that we don’t hear it anymore, its like a second language? Here is what the site said about the swearing, “Characters abuse Jesus’ name three times, God’s name a half-dozen times (once, pairing it with “d–n”). They lob a handful of other curses, including “h—” and “a–.” Now it says, “…lob a handful of other curses…” but I think I would’ve noticed a lob of swear words, so I don’t think that there was that many, but there could’ve been. I would love comments!

The Dark Knight

Well just back from seeing “The Dark Knight” and let me tell ya, it was great, like one of the best movies I have ever seen…great. Plot, Storyline, Graphics, the way the characters were wrote, most of it was like you were there, feeling what they were feeling, it was like watching a great book. I am definitely suggesting it to everybody and as a bonus, I am 99.99999% sure it didn’t swear at all…how many great movies, wait rephrase that, how many MOVIES can you say don’t swear? It is a must see.

I’m still here

Well yesterday my 12 year old sister, Kaitlynn, said, “You don’t blog anymore, you haven’t done anything since the 4th!” So this is out to her. Here I am.

Happy 4th of July

Yes, its 2:30am, I’m going to bed 🙂 but I just wanted to say Happy 4th to everybody and I hope everyone has a good time.


Well we got up and left the house about 9am and got to Muskegon about 12:30. We stopped and looked at Dad’s plant on the way up here (in Lansing). Here are some pics of the day…Pics

Hello blog its been awhile, my name is Kyle…what’s yours again?

Well my blog has been empty with posts while my Twitter has been post after post. Twitter has taken over my life!! Well my blog life. As Pete says, “Twitter is like email on crack.” and ohh how it is. It’s really cool though, I never thought that I would get into it but I have 202 updates (posts). One of the things that would be cooler if they let you use more than 140 characters for your updates. Maybe like 300 characters. You can follow me here…DorkJr