Where has DorkJr been?

Well I have been right here the whole time! Just haven’t been blogging lately. So just wanted to say, here I am!


Hello blog its been awhile, my name is Kyle…what’s yours again?

Well my blog has been empty with posts while my Twitter has been post after post. Twitter has taken over my life!! Well my blog life. As Pete says, “Twitter is like email on crack.” and ohh how it is. It’s really cool though, I never thought that I would get into it but I have 202 updates (posts). One of the things that would be cooler if they let you use more than 140 characters for your updates. Maybe like 300 characters. You can follow me here…DorkJr


I am twittering!! You can following me, my thing is DorkJr.

Chicken Little

Who would’ve thought that a goofy little kids video would be so popular. I made a 30 second video to have people turn off their cell phones before Kid Fusion started and I put it up on my YouTube page and it has 334 hits, wowness. You can check out the Chicken Little video and all my other videos at My YouTube Page.

YouTube Videos