I broke two records…my best day ever for this blog is now 24 and I now I have 1017 hits!! Sweetness.


9 more…9 more

All I need is 9 more hits to break 1000! 2 more views gives me my best day ever…Think I can break both before the day is done? I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

The most hillarious thing…

I asked for 5 hits and low and behold…I get exactly 5 hits…….a little strange if you ask me, but he I broke 900 hits!!!

Come on…

all I need is 5 hits to break 900, so I am hoping that with this post, I will get those 5 people 🙂

6,277 hits gone

The old blog has been (as Strong Bad would say) DELETED!!!! Good bye 6,277 hits 😦

Chicken Little

Who would’ve thought that a goofy little kids video would be so popular. I made a 30 second video to have people turn off their cell phones before Kid Fusion started and I put it up on my YouTube page and it has 334 hits, wowness. You can check out the Chicken Little video and all my other videos at My YouTube Page.

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