An entire month

Yesterday marked an entire month since I have had a pop, crazy!


Well, I decided

that it would probably be best if I just didn’t drink any pop for awhile.

Three weeks down

Today marks three weeks since I haven’t had a pop. I am debating weather or not I can drink one when we go out to eat or something now, cause I know that I can do it so just one or two a week would be ok, so I don’t know yet…do you think I should have one or two a week? or do you think that I will fall back into my habit of 5+ a day if I start with one or two a week?

Still no pop

Just thought that I would let everyone know that I still haven’t had any pop. This is my 13th day pop free…though I came really close last night 🙂 that Coke was lookin’ really tasty.

12 days

Just thought that I would let everyone know that I am still sticking to it and I am currently on my twelfth day without pop. I really didn’t think that I would make it this long. Crazy.

Seven days down…

Well this is my eighth day without pop and it’s really not that bad. I don’t really crave it as much anymore. I think my addiction to pop is over! Now to see how long I can go without…

No pop for you, five years!

I haven’t had pop in five days. No reason really, just haven’t. I went two days so I thought, ‘Hey, lets just see long I can go without pop.” So that means none of my precious Coke Cola…I LOVE THAT STUFF! Five (sometimes even more) pops a day isn’t good for ya…really one isn’t good for you but five is worse. Now to some of you this sounds really familiar, like a little over a year ago familiar but I really think I can do it this time, I haven’t really wanted any pop (except Sunday when they had all the drinks out for Class 101 and all those shiny, wet, cold, and red Coke cans were staring at me, I really wanted one…or four…then but the important thing is, I DIDN’T DO IT!). So it’s been all water, lemonade, and Gatorade for me and it’s actually working out quite well. I have slept a lot better to the past few days, I’ve been up at like 8/8:30 every morning and been awake all day (except Sunday but thats only because I was there for twelve and a half hours). So, lets see how long I can go without my little red cans.

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