Music in Today’s World

I’ve been thinking about music today. What is music today? If you look at today’s music and described what you seen, how would you describe it? When I look at our music today I see more then the classic, “Sex, Drugs, Rock n’ Roll.” It’s like the “Sex, Drugs, Rock n’ Roll” all got together and had a baby that started doing crack and heroin 3 seconds after coming out of the womb. Seriously guys (and gals) music doesn’t have to be like that. Girls you don’t have to be showing off all that skin and talking about the guy you had come over and made out with and guys you don’t need to be talking about the half dozen girls you had sex with at some crazy party you were at. That’s not music. Is this what our culture…MY culture has come to?!? I have done some stupid things in my time yes but not what modern music is “singing” about. Who does the things that all these people are singing? Music is supposed to be something that you RELATE to. Who honestly can relate to all these rappers and rockers singing about all the dope and sex they had the night before etc etc? I think the worst part is all the young teens listening to these lyrics about killing people, killing themselves, sex, drugs, etc. and the parents supporting it by getting them the music and letting them listen to it? Do you want your children to come out that way? Anyways, WAKE UP PEOPLE! LISTEN TO THE MUSIC YOUR YOUNGER ONES ARE LISTENING TO! Odds are, you aren’t gonna like it…I know I sure don’t. I just read Paramore’s new article in SPIN Magazine and it was great. (and no that is not why I am saying all this stuff now this morning, I’ve felt this for awhile now and this article finally pushed me to write something about it) Hayley Williams (22, Lead Singer of Paramore) is quoted in the article with some great comments. She said, “Sexy doesn’t have to be a tan blonde girl showing off her goodies.” Ya know what that means? MILEY CYRUS PUT SOME FREAKING CLOTHES ON!!! You are only a young 17 year old girl. Instead you look like you should be standing on a street corner (which is of course wrong, just painting a picture) and there are tons of other girls out there (in the music business, in film, and at your local school) who need to stop looking at the “modern fashion” of looking like a “whore” (please excuse the language) and do the right thing. When girls dress like that they obviously attract guys, and that guy IS NOT looking at her for her personality I can tell ya that much. Parents, MAKE YOUR DAUGHTER PUT ON SOME CLOTHES! It’s not just a “stage,” if you don’t wanna become a grandpa before your girl is older then 16 then you will wise up. Where has today’s morals gone? Folks we need to look at what we are doing. Music is a good reflection of whats going on in today’s world. Go ahead and listen. Then after you listen look around, cause it’s happening and it needs to change. You wanna know what’s “wrong with the world today?” If I tell you will you listen? If you haven’t figured it out by now then you totally missed it and probably should re-read everything you just read, cause it’s in there AND how to fix today is in there too. Listen…Act…Change


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