What do you mean noon?!?

Well for the Creative Team meeting this morning I showed up at 10:00 (becuase thats when I thought it started) well guess what?!?!? It didn’t start until NOON!!!! Yeah, I’m such a tard! Well at least I got some work done while I was there for those two hours.


Oh baby baby, la do la do day…

Here you go Mike, this is for you…

Oh baby baby,
Mike Luce is a tard
Oh baby baby,
Mike Luce runs lights
Oh baby baby,
Mike Luce burnt off is porch
Oh baby baby,
Mike Luce tried to lick me
Oh baby baby,
Mike Luce gives you wet willies
Oh baby baby,
Even though Mike Luce is big tard
Oh baby baby,
Ya gotta love him
Oh baby baby,
la do da do day
oh la do da do day….

There ya go Mike, comment on that, 🙂

Record breaker

Hey I have a new record of 56 views on the 15th! I’m moving on up…. and thank you for your comments.

Fender Bender revised

Remember that song that I said I had wrote, well I really didn’t like the lyrics so I decided to rewrite them and I was hoping that some of you could leave a comment and tell me what you thought of it, my girlfriend really liked it and I hope you do to.
Can’t get you off my mind
Just talked to you yesterday
But I think of you all the time
I wish you were here

I see your pretty blond hair
And your beautiful eyes
With your cute little smile
And how I wish you were here

Oh how I wish you were here
I just wanna be with you, night and day
spend every waking moment with the one I love
And how I wish you were here

What the flip!

AOL said I was a spammer and kicked me and my family offline and wouldn’t let us back on until I called them earlier today and they told me why they kicked us off. They said that I emailed like 200 people and said I was a spammer, well I don’t even know freakin’ 200 people! So after 2 weeks offline with no email (which I had 42 🙂 ) I am back and sorry if you were one of the 42 emails 🙂 .

Hey incase you didn’t hear…

Yes I did make it and graduate and all that good stuff. Also my internet is down and wacked out so I won’t be able to recieve any e-mails or anything like that for awhile, so sorry ahead of time. CYA!