Pop is addicting…

So because of Pete and his post, I have decided to do one pop a day. So far I have went 2 days with only one pop and going for 3 today. Between Sunday and Monday I had like 7-8 pops so I messed those 2 days up 🙂 but I am doing pretty good so far and sooner or later will go to none…but this is really really hard by just haveing one a day. I don’t know how Pete just quit, I tried and had like 5 in one day 🙂 So by Sunday I will be going crazy and wanting a freakin’ pop!



I just got spam mail in the mail mail. There is so many spelling errors and just sounds stupid with some of the wording that is used. They say that all I have to do is send out 200 letters and then 15 people will send me $1.00. Then those 15 people will send out 200 letters and then 225 people will send me $1.00. Then those 225 people will send out 200 letters and then 3,375 people will send me $1.00. Then those 3,375 poeple will send out 200 letters and 50,625 poeple will send me $1.00. Then those 50,625 people will send out 200 letters and 759,375 people will send me $1.00. That is a total of $813,615.00! They say that I will make all that money in less then 3 months. But before I send out my 200 letters I am supposed to send $1.00 to these 11 names and address’ listed on the letter. Come on, what can I lose?!?!? YEAH RIGHT, who in they’re right mind would do something that retarded?!?!?!?!? So I just thought that you guys would think that was pretty interesting/retarded. Comment me if any of you guys have gotten this stupid letter. But I have oneeeeeeeeeeeee question…WHERE IS MY $1.00?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? HUH?

You gotta watch this!

This is the new Mac/PC commercial…it’s about the new Windows Vista that comes out the 31st.

They say that Vista is going to be better than Mac OS X 11 but if you look at it, OS X 10 is better than Vista…we shall see……..

Been a long time…

WOW, it has been almost a month since I posted anything. Well to catch y’all up…Passion ’07 was AMAZING!!! It was the best thing that I have ever went to. The speakers were amazing and so was the worship. I can’t really put into words how amazing it was. The sad thing is there isn’t going to be a Passion ’08…but…the good thing is, they are going to have MORE THAN ONE thing around the world. So they are going to have a “Mini Passion’s” all across the United States and supposedly around the world. So I can’t wait to go to that next year. Well that’s all for now, I’ll try to post more 🙂 CYA!