I am on Facebook now, I really don’t know how it all works yet but I am working on it. I’m used to Myspace. Here’s my profile.

Also, sorry for not being on in awhile or posting about Easter.


Easter is really…

only five days away. Doesn’t feel like its time yet. But then again, who else was a little thrown off by it being in March instead of April?

Mike Gallardo Shirts

“Help out Mike’s Mission buy a t-shirt to support Mike Gallardo I have a lot of smalls a few Mediums and only 1 or 2 Larges only $10.00 each please see or call Patti Gallardo @ (517) 902-1077 or e-mail her at pattigallardo@gmail.com”


Mike Gallardo Shirt

Guitar Center

I went to Guitar Center yesterday in Toledo and how sweet it was. Seen some sweet Telecastor’s, a sweet Les Paul, a nice Martin acoustic…the list could pretty much just go on for awhile. But out of the couple thousand dollars I wanted to spend I just spent $11…on some strings. But maybe someday I will have that Tele and Martin…someday…


Yep and what a cake it is….wonder if its chocolate?? Yummmm.

iPhone Cake

6,277 hits gone

The old blog has been (as Strong Bad would say) DELETED!!!! Good bye 6,277 hits 😦

Lego MP3 Player?

Yes and it looks really sweet too. It supports a max 2 GB micro SD card and charges just like an iPod. A fully charged battery will last about 6 hours. Check it out.

Lego MP3 Player