New Record

Thanks to Pete Bishop yesterday I had a record of 38 views on my blog! It really don’t sound like a lot but for a little guy like me thats a blogger, Thats a lot of views in one day. Thank you Pete! And yes I made it and am done with school and will graduate this Sunday and I can hardly wait!


Is it true?!?

Yes, it’s true it’s true! School is out and I don’t have to go back ever again! I gotta say that it feels a little wierd knowing that I don’t have to go back tomarrow, ever again for that matter. But I am happy that I am done and can move on with working with the church…I didn’t know how to spell graduate till I r one. 🙂


I FINALLY FINISHED THE BOOK!!! I finally finished “The NEXT Generation Leader” by Andy Stanley. I put it down for about a month and a half and finished it for a book report thats due tomarrow (like killing two birds with one stone 🙂 ). But it was a really great book and I would suggest it to anyone that either wants to become a leader or better themselves as a leader and I highly recommend it for Christian leaders as well. I took away a lot of good information and can’t wait to put it into practice. And it’s only 163 pages which is pretty short for the amount of info it holds and amount of knowledge that you can gain from it. Hope you read it, cya later!

Oh boy…

Well there are only four (4) days of school left and let me tell ya that reality is starting to kick in and its saying that, “You don’t have to go back to school next year… instead you have to work, oh crap what a change!” Even though I have something lined up that I really love doing it’s still kinda scary. I don’t know, but I’ll cya y’all later!

Fender Bender

I finally finished my first song. I am really happy, it actually has lyrics and music in the key of “Em.” If you know Pink Floyd’s song “Eclipse” off of the “Dark Side of the Moon” album then my song would probably sound really familiar because the chours sounds a lot like that song (at least I think anyways). Cya later!!!


Oh shoot!!! there are only 8 freaking days left in school!!! Whatsup with that?!?!? Anyways, I’m gonna make it so there is no need to worry. And I still want a tattoo! 🙂


I had some of that new Coke Blak from my buddy Peter Bishop and I like it…the first time I had it I got such a caffine buzz, it lasted like 3 1/2 hours!!!!!! IT WAS SO COOL!!! Plus I haven’t posted anything for awhile and noticed that my buddy Mad Mike just got a blog…BLOG AWAY MIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!