Passion ‘07 Confrence in Atlanta

Just as a heads up and a prayer request, I am going to Atlanta to the Passion ’07 confrence and will be gone from December 31st (as soon as we get done tearing down) until January 4th/5th. So if you could pray for me and the rest that are going that would be great!!! Cya when I get back 🙂


Oh my, can it be?

Yes it can be. It has been one month since I have posted anything…well at least tomarrow it will have been a month. Tomarrow is also the day that makes it nine months that Courtney and I have been dating, which is really great, no one thought that we would last nine days let alone nine months, lol. Well, that’s all I really have for now, my stuff is done downloading so it’s time to get back to the office. Cya later!