While I was looking online for some pictures for a BBQ card that I was making for church and I found this sweet BBQ joint called Sho’nuff BBQ. Check out the pic.

shonuff bbq


Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the lawn…yes I said lawn

So after that huge storm that we had on Friday, Pete, Scott, and I went to Brooklyn, MI to pick up a little row boat for a main stage prop. So when we got back to the Family Centre Scott and I got in the boat…but I couldn’t get anywhere!

Boat for stage

Long Lost Friend

I feel like I have just been re-introduced to a long lost friend. I got my Fender Stratocastor fixed tonight. Ohhh how I missed playing her. I am sooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!

Looky Look-e!!

I am number 3 and 4 on Google search!! Heck yes!

Google Blog Stats

A lil some some I made for me

Tell me what ya think of my rockin’ Photoshop work. There is no photos in it, everything is Photoshop brushes, except for the text. It’s pretty sweet.

Dork Jr. Designs


I can’t believe I missed my blogs 2nd birthday! It turned 2 on August 2nd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!!

Sweetwater is very very SWEET!

There is nothing that will make you “want more stuff” than to go to Fort Wayne, IN and see Sweetwater‘s warehouse…all $7 million dollars worth. Seven Million dollars worth of technical heaven! It was awesome. A group of us techies from church went to look at a sound board yesterday it it was a fun trip. You can check out Pete‘s blog about the board. But we got to check out the new Sweetwater building and look around in the store, make that play around in the store. I played some Strat’s, Les Paul’s, SG’s, Martin acoustics, yeah they were nice. Just really had a fun time.