200 Hits

I just broke 200 hits on my blog and its only been up for 23 days.
203 Hits

Though it’s nothing compared to my old blog…
6000 Hits dork jr


I’m not a teenager anymore

It is a little scary and feels a little weird that I’m not a teenager anymore. Even though I kinda skipped my whole 19th year because I always accidentally told people that I was 18, don’t know why just kinda forgot. Being 20 for the most part though just feel like being 20.


So, I’m kinda excited. I have a total of 225 hits on my YouTube videos. That’s pretty cool!

66 Years

The day that went down in infamy…The attack on Pearl Harbor. December 7, 1941. On that fateful day we lost 2,388 people with 1,178 people wounded. It was also the day that put us physically in World War II. Let’s remember those who have fallen today.


Hi there everybody! I have a flickr account now. Go ahead and check it out.

Fast Food/Take Out/Restaurant Fast

Well Courtney and I are doing a Fast Food/Take Out/Restaurant Fast this week. We were going to not eat out at all this week but decided that even just eating out only 2 days is a lot better than the just about everyday we have been doing. And I have been really good. I ate out Monday and yesterday. So I am pretty proud of myself. Though I guess its not really a true fast is it?


Hey!!!!! I’m almost 20!!!!! My birthday is the 15th. Yip Yip.