The Dark Knight

Well just back from seeing “The Dark Knight” and let me tell ya, it was great, like one of the best movies I have ever seen…great. Plot, Storyline, Graphics, the way the characters were wrote, most of it was like you were there, feeling what they were feeling, it was like watching a great book. I am definitely suggesting it to everybody and as a bonus, I am 99.99999% sure it didn’t swear at all…how many great movies, wait rephrase that, how many MOVIES can you say don’t swear? It is a must see.


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  1. Here you go kyle, this is what went down in the Dark Knight for bad words.

    Characters abuse Jesus’ name three times, God’s name a half-dozen times (once, pairing it with “d–n”). They lob a handful of other curses, including “h—” and “a–.”

    Go to a website called

    You can look up stuff like that on all of the movies that are out right now.
    It is Christian based reviews of the movies
    man I really promoting this site. HaHa.

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